Our Non-Clog Gutter Guards

Our non-clog gutter guards keeps all natural materials out of the gutter system. Our anti-clog gutter system can be added during or after the gutter installation. We do not use old gutter screens that clog every few seasons.Our gutter guards are not seen from ground level. Our gutter guards do not interfere with your roof shingles, metal roof, or tile roof.   

Seamless Rain Gutters

 Rain Gutter Colors

Mix match your gutter color from your       downspout colors is not a extra charge.

 The aluminuim used is alloy 3105 H14. The  gauge of aluminum may be .027 or .032 .  The Aluminum sheets are cleaned and coated with Betz Metchem Permatreat 1500/3000 non-cyanide chromate conversion coating. Afterwards a thermosetting polyester enamel is roll coated and baked at high temperatures for the outside coating. The color range used in applying the coating is +.50 units-hunter Lab Color Meter.The applied finish is .80 + .10 mils(.7-.9)

The installation process


Our seamless rain gutters are installed with hidden hangers. We do not use gutter spikes.  (The old long nails that most rain gutters have.) Our hidden hangers are screwed in with the proper size screw ensuring a long lasting installation.We also install roof flashing when necessary.This insures a leak proof gutter system. The roof flashing acts as a transition from your roof to inside your rain gutter. All end caps and corners are sealed with a special anti-leak sealant.All screws are color matched. Next we add gutter back support brackets ensuring the rain gutter never sags with rain water weight. We sometimes build-out gutter support backing with wood. This just depends on your home.